Meet Our Ponies

These horses are available for adoption

Meet O'Henry

Hi, my name is O’Henry, and although I was name after a chocolate bar, it is carrots that I love! Have you ever seen a horse smile? Smiling is my specialty. I will smile for the cameras, and I will smile just for you. As soon as I see that delicious orange carrot, I know just what to do.
I am the safest pony, whether you are just three or eighty, I will take good care of you. I am called a palomino pony. But my friends just call me Henry. I love my job! I get to walk, trot, and even canter. Did you know I jump as well? It is true! Come to our next A&T show and will show you my stuff!
I love to be brushed, and all that good stuff. I live in the big barn, near the front. So, you are sure to see my face as you walk in. I will be here to greet you and take you for a nice calm ride. First time riders just love me. Long time riders, well, they love me too!
Thank you, for adopting me. I always get a lot of love, but now, it seems, I have won the lottery with love. I hope you enjoy my pictures, and when I smile, know its just for you. 😊

Meet Buttercup

My name is Buttercup, and I am small as can be. I can escape under fences, if you stick around, you will see. I love kisses on my nose. You will often see me up on my tippy toes. I am the smallest around, but I love to be found. I don’t like missing out, I will squeal and pout. Adopt me today, so I can find a way. To stay close to my human friends, until this madness ends.
My momma is Apple Jack, she is part of my pack. I sometimes hang with Cookie; he’s got my back. I have a little tribe with us three. But I will make room for you with me. You will love my photos, and my updates. I might even get in trouble, to make the pictures late.

Meet Apple Jack

My name is Apple Jack, and I am one of the minis at A&T. You will often see me hanging out with my friend Cookie. I am brown and white and am pretty cute. I make sure children riding always have a hoot! You may only be three when you begin to ride, but I will make sure to be the perfect guide. I have taught many kids to trot; they realize while on me what they have got.

Meet Joey

My name is Joey, and I am a handsome bay horse. If you have been at A&T for a while, you will have ridden me of course! I am calm, cool and collected. I have taught so many children how to ride. I have had many students stand by me with pride. I have won quite a few first-place ribbons during my time at A&T, which is why so many are happy to hang out with just me.  
There is one caveat of me you should know, I do love my home, and when the arena doors are open, it is there I will go. I can’t help it; I do love my stall. The staff keep it clean, and in there I have a ball.
My coat is quite shiny, you will see. And when you adopt a pony, I hope you pick me! I live in the big barn, and O’Henry is my pal. We are the first choice for little ones, whether boys or gals. I am great with adults, don’t be fooled, even though the little ones think they have me schooled.
I can’t wait to show you, my calm personality. I look great in pictures, that you will see. So, stay tuned for updates, and Ill strut my stuff. I know we can’t see each other like normal, but with you adopting me, it is enough.

Meet Keizer

My name is Keizer, named after the best bread. You would love to ride me, but for now, adopt me instead! My trot might be a bit hitchey, but never glitchy. I have a favorite rider, but I can’t tell you who. I know she will adopt me; you will see that its true.
I love being brushed and being made a fuss. I am a striking bay, who doesn’t always get his way. I live in the small barn, on the right. This way I never get into a fight. I love my new home and hope I can see you soon. In the meantime, you can post pictures of me in your room.

Meet Ladybug

My name is Ladybug, and you want to pick me. I can have almost anyone ride me! I have surprised a few riders, during my time at A&T. I can jump higher than they expected, you see. I was saving it for later when they thought they knew me.I am a new fan favorite at the barn these days, I get chosen a lot to play. I love the little kiddos and the adults too, sometimes I must teach them what to do. I’m sweeter than most mares, you’ll come across, and I will even let you be the boss. I strike a pretty picture, wait and see. I know you want to adopt me.

Meet Lucy

My name is Lucy, and I am quite new. But I see you are all learning; I know just what to do. I am a little fat pony, who is ever so cute! I take the best pictures, there is no dispute! I am a new fan favorite, as I canter and jump! I am always happy, and never get in a slump. So, you know you want to adopt me, as I’m sweet as can be. Just you and me, together we will be. I forgot to say, that I am chestnut in color, but my rainbow personality, I get from my mother. I can’t wait to show you how lovely I am, once you adopt me, you will be my number one fan.

Meet Nate

My name is Nate, and you already know that I am great! I pride myself with being one of the most popular lesson horses. If you don’t believe me check the courses. Did I mention that I am quite humble?
Did you know I can carry the young kids on my back, but I can also jump! I have done clinics galore; I am never a bore. I am a chestnut gelding, with a white stripe down my face. I will help you to learn and go at your pace.
I miss all my riders, at this hard time. But with you adopting me, I feel quite fine. I will make sure you know what I’m up to, and make sure I am here for you too.

Meet Picasso

My name is Picasso, and I am as fancy as can be! I look good when I frolic and am free. Adult riders love me, and so do the little ones. I love them both, as long as they’re fun! Just look at my picture, don’t you agree? Life is better with me. When considering your adoption, look my way, you won’t want to leave, but only stay.
I may not be a jumper anymore, but I can walk trot and canter like I did before. I used to event, back in my day, now I am content to stay on the ground and play. Things are looking up, since you picked me, when you wake up in the morning, a picture of me you will see. 😊

Meet Solitaire

Hello, my name is Solitaire, I am quite tall, and don’t many things small. My stride is long, and my gait quite strong. I am a beautiful chestnut mare; I don’t mind if you stare. I live in the big barn with all my friends, I am never happy when the day ends. I love my job, and my students too. I have a quiet canter and can jump as good as Blue.
I am happy to flirt with the camera for you, once you adopt me, you will see that its true. I look good in pictures, and I am not just a fixture. I can’t wait to have the kids back at the barn, but until then I will pose for pictures at the farm.

Meet Trinket

My name is Trinket, and I am the favourite of so many. You will see my face on Instagram more than any. I am beautiful, you will see, and sometimes even charming once you get to know me. I am not of fan of other horses, but I promise I am good when I am jumping courses. I am a mare, you see, and like most mares it is all about me. I am a bay, and I do love to play. I am first on the list for the advanced riders here. They all love me, have no fear. I may not be O’Henry, or even Joey, but I promise you beautiful pictures, of you and me. I love that I am adopted on this day, I will make you feel better, in my own special way.

Meet Honey

My name is Honey, and I have come quite far. When I first got here, I wasn’t the best, but the girls have now schooled me, and I have passed the test. There is now a line up to ride on my back, all the intermediate girls even clean my tack.
I know I will be one of the first to be picked. It is my name that will be chosen quick! For those who don’t know me, I am one of the chestnut mares, please don’t get me confused with Solitaire. I am much prettier you see; you might as well just adopt me! I will make sure you get all the updates and be ready for you when we can again have our play dates.

Meet Ace

My name is Ace, and I am as big as can be. I am a retired RCMP horse you see. I am a black and white paint horse who has much power of course. I am a little stubborn, you might find, but when I get going you will have a great time! The ground underneath me thunders as I trot, you will want to adopt me, I’m the best we’ve got!
I am unique to look at with my two blue eyes, they are even the color of the beautiful sky. I can take almost any sized person for a fun ride; on my back you will feel like you glide. I am so happy you chose me during this time, know because of you, I’ll be just fine.

Meet Luna and Baby Couper!

My name is Luna, and I gave the barn quite the surprise! I was pregnant when I arrived, but until recently I was able to hide. Then the incredible happened , I had a foal! A little colt , with a beautiful soul. He’s sure to be the popular on this site. And , as we go together, it feels just right. We can’t wait to share our journey with you. Once you see him , you will fall in love too. 

Meet Monet

My name is Monet, and I am special you see. If you want comfort, you need to pick me! Some call me lazy, and others slow, but I need motivation in order to go. Once we get moving, I’m really quite quick. I won’t even need you to use that stick. I am a large mare, with not much room to spare. I am black and white and a stunning paint horse. Check out my pictures before you choose your course.
You will want to adopt me, just for my flare. I loved being fussed over with lots of care. I am here for the choosing, just for you. I promise, you will love the pictures, of me too.

Meet Stoli

My name is Stoli, and I am quite the ham. If anyone can mug for the camera, I sure can. I belong a kind owner, who’s name is Kat. I always make sure I have her back. I love to give kisses, ask anyone here. You can’t pass by my stall without watching me leer. I may not be the best at manners you see, but I can smile for you gladly very prettily.
You want to adopt me, because I am the best. I am handsome and tall, and the heck with the rest! I am a bay, but that seems so drab. I am classy as heck, and always fab!

Meet Blue

My name is Blue, and I am little firecracker! I am fun and spunky, and definitely not a slacker! I have one blue eye and one that’s brown. I promise, I don’t look like a clown. I am black with a white mark down my beautiful face.  And all the kids love me, just ask anyone at this place.
I can help the little ones learn how to how to start but jumping outside really pumps up my heart. You will want to adopt me; I know this to be true. Because I am so handsome, and my name is Blue.

Meet Jewel

My name is Jewel, and I am a black mare with a star on my face. I love my job, and never want to race. I am great at shows, many first-place ribbons I bestow. I’ve seen red and blue; it doesn’t matter I always know what to do. One thing you must know before you adopt me, I am not a fan of the girth you see. I can puff out my tummy to make doing it up hard, but at times I can be quite the card.
I promise you pictures of me looking nice, and when you can come visit, I might lose that last vice.

Meet Chester

My name is Chester, and I am a big teddy bear. I am quite hairy and have a mane down to there. I am red in my coloring and look quite the site, but my teeth aren’t the sharpest and I can hardly bite. I am an older horse that’s true, but I can still jump and canter and have fun with you.
I know that you will love me as much as I love you. I flirt with the camera, that is true. Adopt me today, do not delay. Let’s get the camera ready, so I can send the pictures your way.

Meet Gevae

My name is Gevae, and I am the mare here who is having a baby. It’s due in June, which is pretty soon. So, adopt me today, so I can frolic and play. I may be a little slower on account of my girth, but I promise you it is because I will be giving birth. I’ve done this before, so I know what is in store. Now it’s time for to be friends, before this rhyme ends. I will send you lots of pictures, that you can hang on your fixtures. I am a good-looking mom, who just wants to have fun.

Meet Lain

My name is Lain, and I am the first horse you’ll see. People come to A&T just to visit me. I am a gentle giant, and I love to talk. Come close to me, I will not balk. I’ll flap my gums and have some fun.
I pride myself in my large handsome way, you can’t pass me by, you will want to just stay. I have the biggest fan base of any horse here, even the little ones don’t draw back in fear. I am black and white, with a long massive mane. You might even think I am a little vain. I know you will want to adopt me, this is true, with me in your corner, you’ll know just what to do.


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