Meet Our Ponies

Choose your favourite horse to guide you on your international equine education journey. 

Meet O'Henry & Joey

Our names are O’Henry and Joey. We are two of the most gentle lesson horses at A&T. Whether you are three or eighty three , you can ride with us. We would love to be your guides for your equine education. 

Meet AppleJack & Buttercup

Our names are AppleJack and Buttercup, and we are a mom and daughter pair. We may be small in stature , but we are large in personality!We are some of the cutest learning guides that A&T has. We can’t wait for you to gain your equine education from us. 

Meet Ladybug & Blue

Meet Ladybug & Blue two of our most requested lesson ponies. They would love to help you enter the world of equine education. They love posing for your pictures and being part of your weekly updates. You won’t regret sponsoring them. 

Meet Nate & Picasso

Our names are Nate & Picasso. We are two of the most popular school ponies at A&T. Picasso is the one that is a paint. Nate is a chestnut who’s so very handsome. They’d love to help you learn more about this incredible world you have entered. Plus, they look fabulous in pictures too! 

Meet Luna, Couper & Stoli

They are three friends which just go together. Stoli is the leader of this group of three. Luna is the mom of little Couper. Stoli is the man in their life. He’s teaching Couper how to grow up strong and spirited. They’d love to be your guides on your equine education journey. Plus, seeing pictures of all three of them is just the best! 

Meet Monet & Jewel

Meet Monet & Jewel. Monet is the beautiful paint horse. Jewel looks black but is actually a dark bay. Both of these horses hang out together and look great in pictures. They’d love to introduce you to the wonderful world of equine education. 

Meet Gevae and Pravada

My name is Gevae, and I am a new mother!I have had a foal who’s name is Pravada. She looks just like me! When you sponsor me , you’ll get to know her too. Enjoy seeing fun updates about us as you enjoy your equine education. 

Meet Lain, Kirin & Ace 

Meet Lain, Kirin & Ace. These three gentle giants are three of our most handsome horses. They are incredible guides for your equine education program. You will love seeing their pictures every week. They strike quite the pose!


International Equine Education Program 


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